Clipsham Quarry people

Sue Thomas (in red, centre) at Kendrew Barracks unveiling

We are a privately owned, family run business, Sue Thomas is the 5th Generation of the Davenport-Handley’s to own and manage Clipsham Quarry. Working with Rachael Barratt, we believe we are the sole female only managed quarry in the UK.

As custodians of the source of a stone with such a prestigious heritage, we are extremely proud to maintain the traditional quarrying techniques of our ancestors.

We are the sole producers of original Clipsham Stone and currently quarry block between two and three times a year to maintain a consistent supply of stone. We also have the flexibility to extract higher quantities of stone to meet specific demand if required.

Never blasted, each block is extracted from the quarry using drills and buckets or very occasionally nudged to encourage the stone to split along the natural bed. The blocks are then squared off using drill, plugs and feathers and graded by size and shape.

We are proud to be members of the Stone Federation of Great Britain, the official trade association for the natural stone industry, and a mark of our attention to health and safety, technical standards, craftsmanship, training and education.

Taking care of our environment and our community

Just as any industry working at the heart of a local community, we take our Corporate Responsibility very seriously. Clipsham Quarry is a designated Site of Specific Scientific Interest and by working closely with Natural England we make sure that we play our part in preserving our natural landscape for generations to come.

We also work closely with our local community to make sure that our business complements and adds value to our surroundings. To find out more about how we undertake these commitments we have produced a statement of corporate responsibility; alongwith information on our work with Natural England to manage, maintain and protect the SSIs within the quarry.

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