Limestone block

This is the premier product from Clipsham Quarry. Our block stone has been used in buildings for centuries and is renowned and respected for its weathering properties. With a heritage built in its use in historic buildings, Clipsham is used in prestigious buildings where its technical performance and beauty combine to ensure excellence and legacy.

We sell our block squared off, but not cut. Using traditional plug and feather methods, we reduce waste to our customers and ensure ease of handling.

You can visit the quarry and select your own blocks; or can contact us on 01780 410085 or and let us know your requirements and we will mark blocks ahead of your collection.

Our blocks are sold by weight, at prices that vary according to the bed depth of the limestone selected. All stone is of the same high quality.

Types of Clipsham Block

‘Handley’ block (H Blocks)

H blocks are our largest blocks measuring a minimum 800mm on the bed, squared off to reduce wastage. Available from 1 to 8 tonnes.

‘Davenport Handley ’ blocks (DH Blocks)

DH blocks are slightly smaller measuring less than 800mm on the bed, also squared off to minimise wastage. Available from 2 to 8 tonnes.

‘Other ’ blocks (O Blocks)

O blocks offer the same high quality stone but are irregular shapes (not squared off so there will usually be more waste for the end user). Available above 1 tonne.

Please note that collection and/or delivery from the quarry is the customer’s responsibility.

Need a stone sample?

If you would like a sample of Clipsham Stone please email us on including details of your project and address and we will happily post one to you.

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