Responsibilities and community

Looking after our environment

Sites of Special Scientific Interest notifications (SSSIs). The designation is designed to protect the unique flora and fauna as well as the geological interest. The process of quarrying and the resulting disturbance would seem to be at odds with these designations, but it is the quarrying activity itself that has added to the biodiversity of the sites, as rare limestone flora has colonized the quarry.

As a company we have worked with Natural England to ensure that our operations both create and maintain favourable conditions in this important SSSI; helping calcarious grassland to grow and the associated wildlife, such as glo-worms and rare butterflies, to be supported.

We also work with the Rutland Natural History society.

From a geological point of view, we are keen to support the geomorphological interest in the waste heaps on the north side , which demonstrate a fine example of how river beds and ravines are formed and a useful learning tool for geology students.

Wildlife. We have many interesting and rare visitors to the quarry including kites and buzzards, all of which are encouraged and protected. We work closely with ornithologists from Rutland Water to protect and preserve rare birds that inhabit our quarry. Without the quarry faces, these raptors would struggle to survive.

Rutland Minerals Core Strategy. We have been actively involved with the Rutland Minerals Core Strategy and helped with its development to ensure a fair and environmentally sound document (for further details please see )

Training and education. We appreciate the unique features of both stone and our quarry, and therefore help to support education in the stone industry by donating stone for sculptors and masons for learning their trade. We also regularly host quarry visits from groups of geologists and architects to further their education, understanding and appreciation of stone.

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