We work closely with our local community to make sure that our business complements and adds value to our surroundings.

Training & Education

The Architectural Association Postgraduate Diploma in Building Conservation has been running for 35 years and is recognised as one of the leading courses of its kind. Alumni are from diverse backgrounds such as architects, surveyors, engineers, historians, planners, conservators and administrators. The course allows them to develop a speciality within the field of historic buildings and conservation.

Clipsham Quarry Company regular hosts visitors from the Building Conservation Diploma as part of their curriculum course. The stone at Clipsham has been used widely for centuries, which provides the perfect introduction to stone as a building material. Following instruction on how the stone is obtained, selected and finished, its application is then studied in a number of historic building types throughout the locality, particularly churches.

Working with our local community

Improving road communication links.

In an attempt to keep lorries away from rural village communities we have diverted all HGVs to an alternative route. All lorries now turn left from the quarry entrance directly towards the A1, and so avoid driving through the conservation village of Clipsham.

Charitable donations.

We fully understand our responsibility to support both local and national charities such as Clipsham church, Castle Bytham church, the Woodland Trust and The Alzheimers Society.

Links with local community.

The heart of our business is highly dependent on the support we receive from the local community, so naturally we want to give something back whenever we can. In Clipsham, this includes support to the fete, church and local amenities and an active interest in local issues.  We were delighted to support Clipsham residents by opening the new haul road to further reduce traffic noise.

In Castle Bytham, we support the Midsummer Fare by providing t-shirts and raffle prizes.

We have donated stone to local projects such as the stone benches in Stamford town centre, adding beauty and quality for all to enjoy.

Our policy is to employ local businesses on a contractual basis. This includes website copy and design, packaging and logo design, further helping to sustain the local economy.

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