Clipsham Quarry works hard to manage the impact that our business operations have on the environment and the communities in which we operate. Constant monitoring helps us to track our performance, allowing us to identify and reduce any negative impact.

Ensuring that stone is won and used in the most sustainable manner possible can be managed in many ways, including the maximisation of the dimensional stone resource; the efficient use of the end product and the understanding of the life cycle implications of the application.

Clipsham Quarry, as the stone supplier, focuses on controlling the extraction and production phases. Over recent years we have modified our processes, re-introducing drilling and splitting of the blocks to maximise the reserves of stone.

These improvements have led to an increase in the yield of stone and effectively reduced the waste impact of our extraction operations by 25%. The larger waste from the splitting process is utilised for the production of walling stone with the remainder being used for aggregate and lime production.

We operate a no waste policy so that everything in the quarry is used. Smaller off cuts are utilised for small masonry work and any stone which is unsuitable for building, cutting or is of low quality is crushed and sold as aggregate for road building and agricultural lime.

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