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Architects, builders, surveyors, sculptors and masons

‘A’ is for Architect…

…and often the first (but not exclusively) point of contact we have with any proposed Clipsham Stone project. Given the historic use of Clipsham Stone we work with a number of masonry companies across the country, supplying stone throughout the year.

We welcome customers coming to site and selecting their own block, especially project teams of Architect, Project Manager, Engineers, Masons and Client; equally we are happy to mark stone on a customer’s behalf.

‘B’ is for…Building projects

Clipsham stone is the hardest of the Lincolnshire limestones.  Its unique characteristics led to it being used in some of the country’s most prestigious buildings, from the Palace of Westminster, Windsor Castle and King’s College Cambridge, through to the present day Bury St Edmunds cathedral Spire which won the Stone Federation’s award for New Build Load Bearing Stone in 2006. These pages illustrate just a few examples of where and how customers have used Clipsham Stone.

Restorations and renovations

Often Clipsham is selected for restorations and renovations to restore and repair historic buildings where the original stone has eroded, been damaged or failed.

Sculpting and carving

Given its technical properties, Clipsham Stone is excellent for sculpting and carving projects that will be positioned in high and exposed locations.


Free standing blocks, monoliths or stone for gabons we have all sizes of stone for all sizes of landscaping projects.

New Build

Customers are highly attracted to the natural beauty and colour of our stone. Working with builders across the country we can offer material for new builds.


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