Physical Tests Results of Clipsham Stone

Given below is a summary of the physical test results provided for us by the Building Research Establishment (BRE) in 2006.

BSEN 1936 Mean Open Porosity(%) 20.3*
Mean apparent density 2162*
BSEN 13755 Mean Water Absorption 7.2%
BR 141 Mean Saturation Coefficient 0.78
BSEN 12370 Mean Weight Loss (%) 27.7
BSEN 1926 Mean Compressive Strength 22.41 MPa
Standard Deviation 2.87 MPa
Variation Coefficient 0.13
BSEN 12371 Determination of frost resistance Yes
BSEN 12372 Mean Flexural Strength 4.46 MPa*
Dry perpendicular Standard Deviation 0.41 MPa
Variation Coefficient 0.09
BSEN 12372 Mean Flexural strength 4.50 MPa
48 cycles freeze/thaw Standard Deviation 0.33 MPa
Variation Coefficient 0.07
BSEN 1341 Mean Abrasion resistance 25
BSEN 1341 Mean wet unpolished slip resistance 87











* When tested in August 2012, by Sandberg Consulting Engineers, values reported as:

Mean open porosity 15.23%,

Mean apparent density 2274

Mean Flexural strength 5.00MPa.


The frost damage which a stone may suffer when installed in a building will depend on the climatic conditions of the place of use, the relative position in the building and the predicted service life of the building.

For full details of the results of these tests, please ask us.






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