Stone for sculpting

Clipsham Stone is wonderful for sculptures and carving,  combining excellent technical strengths, frost and weather resilience, with natural beauty.  For technical information and properties of our stone please view at Geological Background.

We can provide highest quality sculpting blocks up to 8 tonnes in weight and are very happy to talk with you and host you at the quarry so that you receive the best piece of stone for your work.

Examples of sculptures

We are delighted to have supplied Clipsham Stone to numerous Sculptors and Masons across the country and years for both simple and complex works.

Here are some examples of Clipsham Sculptures:

Dice II

Mo Gardener - Edith Weston 1

DSC_8820 copy


Clipsham Stone Products

If you are looking for a Clipsham Stone sculpture or Object d’art for your home or garden please do contact us; we would be delighted to show you more examples of our work in our stone and put you in contact with our talented sculptural and masonry friends.
Clipsham Stone Products is our sister company and was set up to introduce ‘stone into the home (and garden)’. We have a number of stone pieces termed ‘Off the shelf’ for purchase and happily will talk with you about a more bespoke piece.

Need a sample?

For more information on sculpting blocks or if you would like a sample of Clipsham Stone please email us on including details of your project and address and we will happily post one to you.

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